Villa Milagro History

"God has surely listened and heard my voice in prayer."   (Psalm 66:19)

Villa Milagro was established in September, 1994, as an endeavor dedicated to ministries that will advance our LORD'S command by meeting physical and spiritual needs of as many people as possible. But our ministry in Peru originated with the International Mission Board, SBC in 1985. We retired from the board in 2000, but we just could not turn our back on the many physical and spiritual needs of the people in northern Peru.  So the ministry has continued and increased year after year.

Villa Milagro is a twelve acre farm located 6.5 kilometers South of Cajamarca, Peru. The improvements consist of the main adobe Volunteer quarters, with the Johnson's apartment on the second floor, three adobe employee residence, woodworking shop, machinery storage shed, six sea shipping containers for storage, a four building rabbit complex, a bakery and the volunteer dormitory. The farm has two deep water wells. One serves the facilities and is equipped with a small pressure pump and the other with a larger pump used to irrigate the cultivated ground on the farm. The cultivated ground grows cereal grains, corn, potatoes, alfalfa, and vegetables for the orphans and families who live on the farm. Surplus production, if any, is sold in the local markets to offset some of the ministry expenses.

Until Thanksgiving 2000, the electricity was supplied by an old World War II generator. On Thanksgiving Day we were able to stop the generator and rely on street electricity. This project involved five years of negotiations but what a blessing it has been to the farm. 

The year 2001 was also a milestone in our relations with the Peruvian Government. We were finally granted the status of a non-profit organization which benefits us in many ways with the ministries we conduct at the farm and in other areas of Peru.