PAN con AMOR (Bread with Love)


There are two Kindergarten and two Primary schools very near Villa Milagro.  At least 75% of the school children arrive for classes at 7:30a.m. without having breakfast.   We have constructed a bakery to provide two highly enriched bread loafs and a cup of hot chocolate to the children upon arrival at their school. We believe a hungry child does not have a sufficient energy level to reach their potential learning ability in the early stages of their academic life and this bread containing high protein grains will be of a great benefit.

If you would like to be a part of providing PAN con AMOR, please go to the DONATE tab and send a check to the designated address with a memo on your check indicating PAN con AMOR.


UPDATE:  with the new building and new equipment, the trial runs have begun.  Production and distribution will hopefully begin around EASTER - April 2014.  We give all praise to the Lord.